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Please explore this site to learn of several services for teachers and students. Our Digital Library includes homework and assessment tools in Math, English Grammar, Reading Vocabulary, and Spelling.Transform your educational materials into Digital format. Run Cloudware software from the Internet to facilitate teaching and learning.

MyAssignment.net Educational Service

MyAssignment.net is an educational service to facilitate the transformation of educational materials into Digital format. The ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive, public accessible array of curriculum materials on the Internet. MyAssignment.net is an educational service that connects teacher, student and external services via the internet in a collaborative effort to facilitate the education of the student.

Transform Personal Educational Materials into Digital Format

MyAssignment.net can assist teachers in transforming their personal educational materials into interactive multimedia curriculum formats to engage students with learning activities for the computer classroom or the Internet. Click on the Authoring Software link to see the currently available software formats that will contain your material. If you register, an account will be setup and you will be sent an email with your login password. Then you can immediately begin the process of Transforming your curriculum materials into interactive multimedia software. The general process has you selecting the software format for your materials and uploading your text in the prescribed format. We will then email you a software program containing your educational materials in the format that you have chosen. Then you have two choices: You may keep the software free of charge, or you can buy the software for a small fee depending on the complexity of your project and the term of ownership. If you buy the software, you are buying the exclusive rights to the software for a specified term. If you do not wish to buy the software, MyAssignment will incorporate the software into its Digital Library for free public access, thus both you and the public get free software.

A System for Connecting Teacher, Parent and Student

MyAssignment.net Digital Library offers a system for connecting teacher, parent, student with external services that can monitor a student's performance as he or she proceeds through curriculum exercises, and provide all parties with instant data and feedback on academic progress with all data stored on the Internet for immediate access from home, school or anywhere.